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EVO EST Elektrisch

A Self-Tailing EVO™ Winch that works at the push of a button!

That’s exactly what you will find with Lewmar’s electric winch range. Lewmar electric winches are available with 2 levels of control: E series and ELS. Both are fitted with a series wound motor allowing the sheet to be recovered rapidly at low load when sheets are slacker, and slows down as load increases. This provides speed when you need it most, and control as you tune your sails to perfection removing the need of a 2 speed winch motor. Manual operation is available as a back up, or to experience traditional sailing.

FeaturesLewmar aanbiedingPush Button Power
Quiet operation
Manual override
All the benefits of the Evo™ range
Easy to install
Inclusive of contactor and motor units

New electric motor includes controller

Lewmar supplies a new motor gearbox with the E-series controller pre-mounted. This convenient solution removes any complicated wiring for the installer and keeps the boat looking very tidy.

The E-series controller is equipped with a thermal trip to monitor the motor temperature, which ensures a cut out if the heat builds up to an unacceptable level. Available on the EVO™ electric winch range 40, 45 & 50.

Electric load sensing – ELS
Pioneered by Lewmar, ELS (Electric Load Sensing) electric winches are controlled by an Overload Protection Control Box, which allows the winch to be operated up to the safe working load of the specific winch. Once this load is exceeded, the winch automatically cuts out. Once the load is reduced to below the safe working load, the winch can be restarted. The ELS features the additional safety function of a Motor Thermal Trip, which ensures that the motor cuts out in the event of excessive heat build up. ELS is available on the EVO™ Electric Winch Range Size 40 to 80.

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